We’re a mutual aid fund for UK residents who’ve been affected by COVID-19.

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Who is Stweets?

The Stweets Fund is a Twitter-based community pot which exists to offer some support to people who have lost work during the pandemic. This is not long-term support or funding, but rather a small amount of money to cover, for example, a bill that may be racking up late fees or a food shop.

This idea is the brainchild of Sallie who was moved during the height of COVID to create a way for us to support our neighbors, and have our neighbors support us. To date, we've raised and distributed close to £4k. We're so grateful to everyone who’s given for their generosity. It's a community pot so we’re here for each other, anyone who has given can take if they need, and vice versa.

How it Works?

We use Open Collective, a digital funding org that values transparency, community and openness, to collect and distribute money. Anyone can donate and UK residents (regardless of citizenship/immigrant status) can request or expense a bill. All financial processing will be done on Open Collective so you will need to create an account to donate or request funds.


Without community there is no liberation, only the most vulnerable and temporary armistice between an individual and her oppression.
- Audre Lorde.